Title Genius; Peeling Back the Language of “America By Heart”

by Adam Hanft on November 24, 2010

Requisite disclaimer: The following is not an endorsement of Sarah Palin’s views, merely a cultural deconstruction of the semaphoric qualities of the title of her new book.

Because nothing that Sarah Palin does is by accident – or put less…

Re-Making Miss Daisy; Petal-Picking Girl Returns, Flops, in Defense of START Treaty

by Adam Hanft on November 21, 2010

If you thought Election Day provided a break from the unsparing torrent of political and issue advertising we’ve all experienced, you might want to reconsider your optimism.

Last week, a liberal religious group called the American Values Network launched a campaign…

Palin in 2012; Will We Be Seduced By Her Frontier Porn?

by Adam Hanft on November 15, 2010

My favorite line from last night’s Sarah Palin’s Alaska was spoken by Ms. Palin while observing some grizzly bears in the wild.

“They’ve got a nature humankind can learn from” she noted, doubtlessly referring to their qualities of peaceful resolution,…

Was that 60 Minutes Or a Mid-Level Performance Review?

by Adam Hanft on November 8, 2010

Steve Kroft came across as the boss, and President Obama as a middle-management employee who had consistently failed to live up to HR’s expectations, in last night’s tentative and uninspiring interview.  In one of journalism’s favorite tricks – what would…

Merchandise Wars; The Final Reckoning

by Adam Hanft on November 1, 2010

Just when you thought every inch, every nuance, every private corner of this 2010 campaign has been plundered and picked clean for interpretative value, here we are with an entirely virgin territory for investigation and deep semiotic analysis.

Specifically, we…