Mean Girls Struggle At Polls

by Adam Hanft on October 29, 2010

“…evil takes a human form in Regina George. Don’t be fooled because she may seem like your typical selfish, back-stabbing slut faced ho-bag, but in reality, she’s so much more than that.”
-from the movie “Mean Girls” 2004…

A Pot of Money For Proposition 19

by Adam Hanft on October 28, 2010

Hunter S. Thompson would be disappointed that the first TV ad in support of Proposition 19 – which would legalize marijuana for recreational use – is such a bag of conventional political wind.

The strategy behind…

The Words Meg Whitman Would Spend a Billion To Take Back

by Adam Hanft on October 27, 2010

“You know, 30 years ago anything was possible in this state.”

Jerry Brown’s media must have been high-fiving themselves like mad after they found this footage of Meg Whitman celebrating the hopeful promise of…the Jerry Brown Years.  And they…

Joy Behar Rants Against Sharron Angle’s TV Ad; “Go To Hell, Bitch”

by Adam Hanft on October 26, 2010

Here’s the commercial that – after appearing in a break on The View – inspired Joy Behar to look at the camera, call Sharron Angle a “bitch” and proclaim her Dantesque future by saying that she is…

A Shockingly Good Political Commercial You’ll Never See

by Adam Hanft on October 25, 2010

I borrowed this headline idea from a piece by Veronica Flores-Panlagua posted in the San Antonio News, where I also discovered the sadly unviewed gem.

The web-only commercial is for Bill White, who’s challenging Governor Rick Perry of…